Welcome! My name is Dr. Luis R. Alvarez-Hernandez and I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) psychotherapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Anger Management Specialist with experience working with youth, adults, couples, and groups. I have had the opportunity to work clinically in a variety of settings, including health care and college counseling. I strive to work collaboratively with my clients in the areas of depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma, relationship difficulties, gender and sexual development, men’s issues, substance use, immigration, and issues related to diversity and culture. In my work, I mostly draw from different theoretical frameworks and treatment modalities, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Being bilingual in English/Spanish, I find the role of language in the therapeutic process and identity development fascinating. I also believe that it is important to consider a person’s intersectionality of identities and unique worldviews.

I started my studies in social work in Puerto Rico and completed a bachelor’s degree in social work at Dalton State College in the state of Georgia. I also completed a master’s degree in social work with a clinical concentration at the University of Georgia. I have a Ph.D. in social work also from the University of Georgia. I am a professor and my research focuses on the wellbeing of Latinx individuals, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ communities. Prior to becoming a professor and working in private practice, I worked in various settings with children, youth and families, immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions, adults experiencing mental health and substance use difficulties, and community groups. I have also found a passion for working with communities in the areas of training, education, and empowerment. Outside of the therapy room, I enjoy spending time watching the latest movies and reading interesting research articles.

My Services Include:

  • Individual and relationships counseling
  • Psychosocial and diagnostic assessments for immigration and substance use
  • Anger management assessments and counseling
  • Telemental health services

What to Expect:

If you have engaged in counseling or therapy in the past, welcome back! Please keep in mind that every experience with therapy is different since your circumstances may have changed. Also, therapists work differently and use different modalities at times. Like with any other relationship, you can expect a period of adjustment while you and your therapist get to know one another.

If you have never been in therapy before, welcome too! We all have ideas of how therapy or counseling works. We all have heard great and not-so-great stories from others about their experiences with counseling. For some, being in counseling for the first time can be scary, exciting, both, or none. You can expect to be able to express yourself and to share things that maybe you were not able to before. You can also expect to receive some tools on how to deal with specific issues. You and your therapist will set goals together at the beginning of therapy to be clear on what, how, and for how long you will be working together. Think about it like training for a sport: you will learn, practice, and use your own (and new) skills to achieve your goals!  

Fees and Insurance:

I am currently not accepting insurance. However, I can provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement.  My fees will vary per service. Please reach out to me to discuss your therapy needs. I also have limited reduced-fee spaces. 

Contact Me:

Multicolor Counseling and Consultation, LLC 
Phone: (404) 585-7665

*Remember to never send personal and confidential information over the internet (e-mails, etc.) since it is not a secure form of communication.

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